Sunday, April 1

we've conquered. we hope.

 I've posted a few times recently about our little pajama and clothing houdinis, aka:  Levi and Gabi.

I've hemmed and hawed over just turning their footie jammies around backwards, and put an end to diaper pins through zippers, and onesies under jammies in case they were taken off. 

The other night was the last straw, when Levi woke up screaming like a wild man at 3am.  I went in to see what in the world was up with him, and he was laying virtually in the buff with his jammies and blanket tossed over the side, and his diaper hanging off of him.  

He had decided he didn't need them before falling asleep. 

Imagine his surprise when he woke up soaked completely and frozen with no jammies or blanket.

So in the middle of the night, out of desperation, I turned his jammies backward, after putting new sheets on his bed. (In the dark, might I add as to not wake Gabi who is such a deep sleeper!)  My good friend who also has a master escape artist for a child, said that she just turns the jammies around, with the zipper in back without cutting the feet off.  

Here is the happy little camper as he woke up in his newly backwards sleep apparel.  
It works famously.  

Who needs to cut off the feet, when you can just twist them around to fit?  

This was Gabi's last night of forward jammies.  She was getting the "from the inside" diaper pin zipper holder... but at times, she managed to get the pin off and throw it out of the crib.  Not good!  For her or for the unsuspecting mama who walks in the room in the morning.  

You'd think by the 5th and 6th children, that we'd have all of these kinks worked out, right?

Well, we've never seen houdini masters like these two before!  

But we've conquered this little problem... bring it, little ones... we're ready for whatever you've got up your Carter's jammie sleeves next. 

Wanna see Jeremy's naptime solution for self de-pantsing Mr. Levi?  I'll post a picture soon.   I died laughing this afternoon when Levi woke up from his nap today.  I was gone all morning and Jeremy put them down for their nap...  smart Daddy, is what I say!  And no, it does not involve duct taping his pants to his shirt. 
2 comments on "we've conquered. we hope."
  1. I'm guessing having a sibling relatively your same age to 'challenge' your pajama escape artist skills has helped bringing these two to the master level they are at! I love it!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is too crazy/funny but I feel your pain at the very same time. I can't wait to see what Jeremy came up with. God sure does sanctify us through our little ones! :)


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