Saturday, April 14

Happy Adoption Day, Gabrielle!

One year ago today, Gabrielle's adoption into our family was finalized!

She has grown in so many ways in the past year, namely in the vertical sense - she's a tall one!  We love this beautiful and wonderful girl that God has blessed us with raising and loving.

Here's a look back at her arrival into our family nearly two years ago:

The first picture we received of her over email in June 2010...

A more detailed version of our road to Gabrielle can be read by clicking on the Adoption tab above.

Picking her up to bring her home on June 24, 2010.
She was 9 weeks old. 

Arriving home for the first time!!!

After her first bath that first day, snuggling in for a nap. 

Baby's first hike - July 2010.

September 2010 - our first meeting with both of her birthparents.

December 2010 - Baby's first Christmas!

Adoption Day in court, January 2011... but... her adoption didn't end up finalizing until one more court hearing in April, then finalized out of court on April 14, 2011. 

One year old big girl!!!  She'll be two on April 24th, and that's coming SOON!

What a happy day to celebrate!  
Happy Adoption Day

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  1. Hi Amanda and Gabi. Sorry this is late, but I just wanted to wish Miss Gabi a very happy Adoption Day. Mom and Dad always celebrate mine and I've been in their family for 20 something years now. Gabi, I promise you will never look back....
    In Christ,


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