Sunday, April 1

normal days

Just today, we've come off of being home for two whole weeks after these two little ones came down with the chicken pox.  They handled it relatively well, with Gabi's case being really mild, isolated to just one area, and Levi's covering his whole body except his tummy and back.  See his leftover pox marks on his cheeks?  This picture was taken over a week ago when they were still just a few days old, he looks really great now, poor little guy - he had a yucky case of them!  

Anyways, we're back into society.  :)  

We hunkered down because we were sure the older four would get them.  But they haven't.  

We've been enjoying peaceful days at home, though it's been hard to miss a few things here and there, but overall it has been a good thing to be home.

A few reasons:

No lugging my aching and pregnant body around with all the kiddos.
Great and productive school days. 
Perfect afternoons and evenings for the kids outside in the ever warming temps.
Watching the entire minseries, Little Dorrit in the evenings with Jeremy in just a few days.  (it's LONG)
Pouring over baby girl names...  I just can't quite convince Jeremy on a few of them, though it's good we agree completely on a couple of them too.  Which to chose?

Oh my, aren't they cute?
We love books around here, I'm glad our little ones have followed suit.  
Levi still likes to chomp off the corners of board books, little goofball!  

Gabi has become quite the little kissy face.
At random times, she'll grab your face, and plant one one.  
Drew was relieved, she chose his face and not his lips this time.  

And here's an example of how to read on the couch like a normal person.

 And... um... here's Gabi-girl's version of normal.  

Unless we have a surprise outbreak amongst the rest of the kids this week, we're headed back to our regularly scheduled programming this week.   Hooray for that!

Also, I've had fun trying out my new camera in the last week or so, but the photos are staying unedited for now, since fancy editing programs are like a foreign language to me.  Why can't you just have a crop button?  And what in the world does that mean?  I have a lot to learn.  I really didn't realize just how much.  I'm a fairly techy gal, when it comes to computers, etc...  but the new camera will be staying on the "auto" setting for a while, until I get my bearings and learn some tricks of the trade.  

I can't wait. 

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