Saturday, April 28

some rest

 Our family has been battling a yucky chest cold these past 10 days.  I've taken the brunt of it and felt like I was on death's door last weekend - I've caught everything this pregnancy!  Annika has gotten it pretty bad as well.  Most days in the last week, I've found our "no longer takes naps" girl asleep.  This was today, and when I returned from a shopping trip by myself into town (my first big outing in 10 days), I realized after being home about 30 minutes, that I hadn't seen Annika yet!  Jeremy and the others had gone outside to work in the greenhouse, and I set out to find where she had fallen asleep today.

She was actually on her bed, all curled up with her beloved blanket.

I love spying on sleeping children.

One of my favorite things about Annika at this age, is seeing what she chooses to wear each day.  

The only day I "help" her choose an outfit is on Sunday.  We go anywhere and everywhere in the outfits she chooses each day.  "Cow jeans" and all, as she calls them.  Today, she was sporting Santa socks, her "cow jeans", a red and white striped shirt, and a pink sweater.  I love her.  All too soon she'll care about what she wears, I prefer to see what she comes up with herself instead of giving her ideas of what looks good together and possibly making her a clothes snob!

 This was her another day this week.  

She was watching Morgan play her computer time on the next couch, and I decided to lay down and rest a bit while the little ones were napping.  I woke up about 20 minutes later, and wondered where Annika had gone off to.  All of the sudden, I heard a cute little rhythmic snoring, and I looked above my head, and she had come to sit on the couch I was napping on and had fallen asleep too.  

The rest has been good for us, as has the staying home.  We're on the mend, and are so happy to be back in the land of the living!

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  1. I've been finding Chambery napping in odd places lately, too, and meaning to throw the pictures of them in a blog post soon. Peas in a pod! Sweet sleepy girls!

  2. your family is so cute.. like you I love "sleepy Babies". We always sneak in our boys room at night before we go to sleep to watch them sleep for a few mins.. Congrats on the new baby!! Have a Blessed Week

  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    Hi Amanda,
    So sorry to hear your little family has been feeling under the weather. However, I'm happy to know that everybody is on the mend again. Yes, sleeping babies are adorable! They have that look of perfect innocents about them when they are off in dreamland. I love the shots of Annika you got of her sleeping. Plus I also loved hearing about her outfit choices. My Mom usually would let me dress myself on most days. The only days that she would choose my outfits for me was either for Church, clothes for me to take while we were traveling somewhere, or if we had to go to town for the day. Mom didn't want me to be a clothes snob either, or to be consumed with thinking about them.
    In Christ,


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