Tuesday, April 17

Adoption Day is tomorrow!

We are anxiously awaiting our court hearing tomorrow morning to finalize Levi's adoption.

I am so excited to have him legally be our son, but that does not come without some butterflies swarming around.  It's a big deal!

I do pretty well in public settings, but answering a lawyer and judge's questions is a bit unnerving.  And I have to be the one to answer all of the questions,  Jeremy will just agree with the answers when it's his turn... which I'm glad for him about, but it is a great responsibility!  Please pray for us, that we'd have clarity of mind and a steadiness tomorrow.  I tend to get emotional when I'm nervous too, and I don't want to be blubbering through my answers.  Thank you so much.  And would you also pray that we'd have the judge's favor and that there would be no surprises like there were in Gabrielle's case last year?  We aren't worried about the adoption going through or not, it's just an intense process. 

We are just giddy with excitement that it's actually tomorrow - - I'll be excited to report back with how it all went.  Thank you for praying for us - we are extremely thankful to be welcoming a new son tomorrow! 

We love you, Levi Asher-Langston!

3 comments on "Adoption Day is tomorrow!"
  1. Yay! Praying, and we'll be there with bells on! I mean, you know, the quietest and most serious bells, of course. So glad that for our court date we will not actually be there and that all of the pressure is on our attorney!

  2. Praying, praying, praying!

  3. that is so awesome! i have been following your blog for almost a year now and i'm so excited for you. it brought some happy tears when i read this post. i will pray for you and your family. thank you for doing God's work! Terra<3


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