Thursday, April 5

A quick Easter treat for the kiddies!

Last night, after the little ones were tucked in bed, the four bigger kids and I made these cute bird's nests!  

Thanks to a friend who gave me the great idea!!

They're easy peasy:

Melt 1 stick of butter on the stovetop
Add one bag of large or mini marshmallows, stir until melted
Add one box of FiberOne cereal, stir until coated
Drop balls onto foil or waxed paper, making a well in the center of each
Add egg shaped candies, let sit until cool!


1 comment on "A quick Easter treat for the kiddies!"
  1. HI Amanda,
    Oh my goodness! Mom and I made these the other day! We are going to put them at each person's place on our Easter table. Too cool that the kids got to do those. They are so cute! I also love the picture of the 4 oldest kids. They sure have gotten so big.
    In Christ,


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