Thursday, April 5

booties for baby

Last weekend, I started a pair of adorable chunky wool booties for our sweet baby girl.

Who may, quite soon, have a name. Which we may, or may not tell before she's born.  

I love this pattern, and made them once before, years ago for a friend's baby. 
It is from the book, 50 Baby Booties to Knit by Zoe Mellor. 

I'm the kind of person who sees shapes and numbers, etc...  in the things around me.  This past year has been the year of the heart.  No joke.  I see hearts everywhere.  Almost daily.  The above picture of the heart in my ball of yarn has been my favorite so far!  I take it as God saying he loves me oh so very much.  I also see 911 everywhere too, and that one just keeps reminding me to trust Him. 

These booties get worked on when the squirmy duo are sleeping, they're a quick project.  Hopefully the next time I sit down with them, they'll be finished.  Then I need to tackle quilting her quilt! 

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  1. awww...I really loved your last picture. Your beautiful bump, the book on your lap and my favorite part...your wedding rings. It's especially sweet when I see a friend's wedding rings who lives far away. I don't know why...maybe it's knowing all the history behind those rings from dear friends. Every time, no matter who's they are, it warms my heart. <3


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