Monday, August 25

Being Okay With Different

Jeremy and I have this thing we try to do when we interact with each other. No matter what the other person says or the tone it’s delivered in, we aim to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Knowing we have each other’s best interest at heart before we get into a conversation helps us see past our interpretations and look for the heart of what’s being conveyed.

Is this always easy?

No way.

Differences got you down? Read more about being okay with the differences in our relationships as I share over at Real Life at Home today.

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Also, you can find me spending most of my time writing and podcasting at The Masterpiece Mom. Today we're talking about the beauty of fresh starts. Join us?

Thursday, August 7

4 Ways to Homeschool Your Newly Adopted Child

Homeschooling in the middle of a major life change, such as adoption, can be intense — especially if the new child is of school-age. In light of this, let’s give each other permission to slow down. To take a step back from our traditional methods for a time and center our minds on teaching some valuable first lessons of the heart to the newest members of our families. (...)

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