Wednesday, April 18

Adoption Day!! We're finalized!

This morning, we headed out to court to finalize Levi's adoption!

After ten months of living in our home and being our son, he is officially our son as recognized by the law.  What a feeling! Adoption is intense on so many levels, and the feeling when that judge says it's done, is an amazing high.  We are so thankful to our gracious God who has held us up through this last year and has guided our steps along the way.  It has been a miraculously smooth process to finalize, though long. 

Here are some snapshots of our morning... thank you for praying for us!

 The newly expanded family!  That is my Dad and Jeremy's Mom in the picture with us.  The other grandparents couldn't make it to the hearing - it was so wonderful to have so many friends and supporters along with us. 

Look at this great jury!  What a crew.

 Here we are waiting for the hearing to start...

We answered a bunch of questions from our lawyer, then waited for the judge's decision.  We are intently listening to his every word.  He was very kind.  

Yes! It's done!

Our reaction to his decision to grant Levi's adoption by us!

Our wonderful attorney, who drove a ways this morning to let us hold the hearing in our area - we are so thankful for that. 

We love our new son, Levi Asher-Langston. 

11 comments on "Adoption Day!! We're finalized!"
  1. Yay yay yay! Love you guys so honored to get to witness you guys building the kingdom today. Hope you saved a cookie or two for Jeremy. :)

  2. Praise God,
    That is awesome, congratulations :)
    This is completely random but I love levi's little Converse :)

  3. God is so good. So glad for your family. The adoption journey is amazing. The labor pains of adoption so to speak are enormous. We count every day and wait for that pen of the judge to make it official. So glad that you can breath better and sleep better knowing he is yours.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Hate missing life with y'all so much but I love our closeness even with such distance. I know it was a special and relieving day. He is just a lamb choppy choo :) welcome sweet baby boy!

  5. We rejoice with you all! What an amazing gift from God!

    The Ryans

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i can't imagine the feelings you had as the adoption was officially granted. praise the Lord for His glorious work!

  7. Congratulations! So neat you got the same judge we did!

  8. Wow, that picture of your reaction when the judge gave his decision made me cry! You are blessed! Congratulations! (I found you through the Mega Family Blog list)

  9. Same here...I welled up when I saw the picture of your response, Amanda! What a joyous day to hear those incredible words...he is YOUR son, given by GOD! Congratulations!

  10. I just came across your blog via the link you posted on hip homeschol moms fb page... i read about your afoption and then saw your face when you heard the response and it made my eyes fill up. Congratulations and God Bless your family!!

  11. YIPPEE!!! The Big Day is finally here!!! May the Lord bless you all and little Levi. Great shots by the way of everybody. Your baby bump looks adorable, Amanda.
    In Christ,


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