Thursday, April 12

backwards and fabulous

 Here's a glimpse of the little ones just before bedtime the other night in all of their backwards pajama glory.  If you haven't seen my escape artists posts, this probably seems strange.  But I'm the mama to two little Houdinis who can break out of any outfit and contraption we devise to keep them clothed and diapered. 

Until now. 

Works like a charm.  You have two happy parents. 

They are so stinkin' adorable. 

 And guess what?  Levi's adoption finalizes in 6 short days!!!! 

We can't wait to share that day with you.  So far we have had two adoptions that took 10 months to finalize.  I guess babies just come to us in June and their adoptions finalize in April.  That's just how it works around here.  It's just crazy that they came to us just a year and a day apart, and they'll be "ours" one year and four days apart!  Gabi's was finalized on April 14th of last year, Levi's hearing will be on April 18th. 

Drew decided that it would be a good idea to celebrate every year on the 16th.  Smart boy! 

Doesn't Levi look like the typical little brother sneaking up on his unsuspecting big sister while she's inspecting her fingernails?

Like he's ready to post a KICK ME sign on her back? 

It's even funnier that they're wearing backwards jammies.

2 comments on "backwards and fabulous"
  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Great trick, Amanda and Jeremy!!! That's one I'll have to remember someday. Yes, it looks like Levi is going to sneak up on the unsuspecting Gabi. Gabi looks like the typical girl, getting ready to go out somewhere but having to inspect her nails before she even thinks about heading out the door. Love shot, and you'll have to show it at both their Weddings and to their future spouses. Thanks again as always for sharing. I got a good laugh out of that one.
    In Christ,

  2. Sooooo, after I read this I thought how thankful I am that none of my 3 kids undressed themselves at an unopportune time (ie. Bedtime). Well, just a few short weeks later, #3 decided to remove his pajamas each night for about 3 days.... Ack! The diaper always stayed on, thank goodness, and then we started using your trick! Worked like a charm and when I posted a photo of him on Facebook, people thought it was a great idea, credit to you guys!


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