Thursday, April 5

Greyson captured for real!

Our owl friend, "Greyson", the Great Grey Owl is still hanging around the neighborhood!  The kids and Jeremy walked down the street a bit the other night to get a better view of him.  Look at these awesome shots Jeremy got with our new camera! 

It looks like he's mid-sneeze here.. makes me giggle.

What a magnificent creature.

3 comments on "Greyson captured for real!"
  1. I love the second to the last one.. that's really awesome that you guys got to see that!

  2. very cool to see him over and over again. Great pix too! Parker just started his "research" on these today so when he finishes his "report", I'll give it to you guys to read!!! ;o) Hopefully he can see one in person soon, too!

  3. Yes, I agree. What a magnificent creature indeed! I love the pictures that Jeremy got of your greyson friend. He got some awesome shots. They should be entered into some sort of photo contest or something. Thank you as always for posting such beautiful photos.
    In Christ,


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