Friday, April 27

A butterfly party for the big TWO year old!

We celebrated Gabrielle's second birthday last night with a butterfly party with her grandparents!  She enjoyed every minute of it, and beamed when we sang Happy Birthday to her for the umpteenth time over two days. 

She's such a big girl now...

Pink Lemonade cupcakes!  Don't be impressed, it's a new flavor of boxed cake mix.  And it was yummy!  

Taking it all in after she woke up from her nap before the party started...

Getting to know her new Bitty Baby that her grandparents went in together to get her.  She loves it, and can now stop stealing Annika's Bitty Baby! 

Happy Birthday, Gabrielle!!!

2 comments on "A butterfly party for the big TWO year old!"
  1. I love Levi's look in the second to last picture. Can't believe our girls are/will be two. Seems like just yesterday we were waiting, waiting, waiting for "the call." And - as always - I'm curious what time it was when the pictures were shot (it's SO bright outside).

    1. Katie, it was around 6pm or later when the pictures were taken... I think the last photos were around 8pm... LOVE the light these days!


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