April 5, 2012

naptime caper conquered

As promised, here's Jeremy's naptime solution for Mr. Levi who takes his clothes off nearly each naptime.  And thankfully, he can't figure out how to take off a onesie (aka: naptime straightjacket) to save his cute little life! 

4 comments on "naptime caper conquered"
  1. HA! Jeremy looks SO proud of himself...and Levi? Well he just looks bewildered! Must confess...I've been waiting for this picture. :)

  2. Cute. Gotta wonder what's going on in the little head, he does look bewildered.

  3. Great work Jeremy! I love the picture of both Jeremy and Levi. Levi's like, "Hey, what's going on, you guys?" Jeremy is like, "YES! I conquered this!" Thanks for posting the picture Amanda.
    In Christ,


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