Thursday, April 5

naptime caper conquered

As promised, here's Jeremy's naptime solution for Mr. Levi who takes his clothes off nearly each naptime.  And thankfully, he can't figure out how to take off a onesie (aka: naptime straightjacket) to save his cute little life! 

4 comments on "naptime caper conquered"
  1. HA! Jeremy looks SO proud of himself...and Levi? Well he just looks bewildered! Must confess...I've been waiting for this picture. :)

  2. Cute. Gotta wonder what's going on in the little head, he does look bewildered.

  3. Great work Jeremy! I love the picture of both Jeremy and Levi. Levi's like, "Hey, what's going on, you guys?" Jeremy is like, "YES! I conquered this!" Thanks for posting the picture Amanda.
    In Christ,


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