Tuesday, April 24

Spring has sprung

It is finally "warm" outside and the snow is disappearing at a speedy rate - so now it's so easy to take the two little ones outside to play. Winter was hard this year due to the fact that Gabi freaked out every time she went outside to play, and Levi was so little, he couldn't wade through the deep snow! So we're so happy spring is here, and the earth is uncovered so we can all be outside together.

And honestly, my pregnant body is experiencing a lot of pain this go round, so it's not exactly easy to get out and walk with them outside when they can't walk themselves.  But now it's a new season, thank you, Lord!

 The big kids play outside rain, snow, sun, slush, so it's not problem for them, but this mama is so thankful for the change in weather!!! Plus that means, that the little sweetheart who is taking up residence in my belly will be here before we know it.  I'm 32 weeks and counting! 

The garden is all clear and ready to go in the next month!  We gave the garden a rest last summer for the first time in seven years, and just utilized the greenhouse, so now Jeremy is itching to get out there and garden.  

The first hint of green anywhere in our yard:  grow, chives, grow!

Spring, we're extremely glad to see your bright and shining face again!

3 comments on "Spring has sprung"
  1. I am so curious about Alaska weather as you experience it. As a kid growing up, we heard that there are days of all light and days of all dark, but I don't know if that holds true for all - or part - of Alaska. So I love reading firsthand your weather/season accounts. I also love looking at Gabbi's hair close-up. I'm not good at incorporating one twist into another. Something I need to try once my hand gets a little more healed. Happy Spring :)

  2. Found your blog today via pintrest. You are super inspiring and I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Great pics Amanda! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time in the great outdoors. Thanks again for sharing as always.
    In Christ,


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