Monday, April 23

copywork goldmine

I'm documenting this great find here on my blog so that in case my computer crashes and I lose all of my bookmarked pages, I don't lose these little beauties!

We do copywork on most school mornings (what's copywork?)  and some days we copy passages out of books or the Bible, but it's nice to find some great passages that are already laid out for us.

My most recent goldmine of a find are these:

For younger learners with wider lines (faint dotted lines down the center)

For my older students:

I found them HERE (thank you, Google) - maybe they will be of help to you too, I love sharing!

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for all the copywork printables, awesome links, you have helped me add more scripture to our day, which I have been striving to do and God has opened the door and made it easy, thanks. Have a wonderful day


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