Wednesday, April 11

Resurrection Sunday 2012

This was our breathtaking view for the day on Easter, as we enjoyed lunch with friends and an eggs-travagant Easter egg hunt.  But we started out the day celebrating our Risen Lord at church, then followed by Morgan getting baptized!  She had been talking about wanting to share her faith with the world through baptism for nearly a year now, and Easter Sunday just seemed the perfect timing. 

I regret I don't have a family picture from this day, and the little ones were napping during the big egg hunt so no pictures of them either!  It was a memorable day, and we are eternally grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life for ours, and displayed God's power and love through his death and resurrection on that glorious day. 

2 comments on "Resurrection Sunday 2012"
  1. What beautiful pics! Where are you guys beautiful while you had snow, my kids were in shorts and tshirts here in Florida on Easter Sunday...haha

  2. Awesome pics, Amanda. I hope you and your's had a wonderful Easter. I love the pics of the eggs hidden up in some of the trees. I'm assuming those were for Drew and Gavin to find? Also what a perfect day for Morgan to share her faith with everybody around her! Easter Sunday I think is best day for anyone to be baptized. Great job Morgan, he will never fail you even if there are times he may seem so far away.
    In Christ,


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