Sunday, March 4

as we prepare to put facebook in a time-out

Hello, from this beautiful Saturday night! We have had the most amazing fluffy snow falling today, and the sky was bright white all day flooding our home with brilliant brightness as we had a much needed family day lazing about the house.  It included me trying to hand quilt again (another story for another post), playing board games, watching a family movie, Skype-ing with our MISSED family in Tennessee, and baking lemon bars.  We didn't even make it outside in the fluffy whiteness today, that's just how lazy we were. 

I've been thinking a lot about our upcoming facebook time-out that starts Monday morning and lasts one week until the following Sunday night, and here are some things I'm going to put into place this weekend to get ready and optimize the time away and take away any temptation to get on there for a little peek this week.  Feel free to do the same:

  • First, on facebook, click on the little white down arrow next to the word Home on the top right side of your screen.  Then go to Account Settings.  Then on the far left side of the screen, click on Notifications.  Scroll down on the page until you come to All Notifications.  First click the Edit button to the right of the facebook icon.  Uncheck all boxes you want unchecked.  I'm unchecking all.  I don't want facebook contacting me at all this week no matter who sends me a message, or who posts on my wall.  Then click Save Changes.  Then continue down the line of different reasons facebook might email you, click Edit and uncheck all the boxes! 
  • Next, also on that same screen, there is a blue box at the top that says "Email Frequency" - uncheck that for the week.  
  • Write a status on your wall saying whatever you want to say before we start, telling your friends about your absence, and how they can best contact you while you're away from facebook. Also, invite them to join us here if you'd like. 
Be thinking about some things you'd like to be more intentional about this week (and beyond) in your daily lives.  We'll be talking about that on Monday - I'm just nice like that and am giving you a chance to think about it ahead of time.  :)   

So here's who will be joining us this week so far...   thanks for coming along with me, guys!!

Amanda (myself)

Please comment if you'll be joining us too - you can join anytime all week...

4 comments on "as we prepare to put facebook in a time-out"
  1. Hee hee, you can still call me Terri Kiggans. S'funny that's how my posts are on your blog.

  2. Me too - Suzy

  3. Misty DavenportMarch 04, 2012

    I'm joining you too!

  4. I decided to take off for the month of March. I love March, and want to stop the time wasting portion of my life.


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