Thursday, March 8

how did this happen?

I look at these two toddler faces daily and truly wonder,  how in the WORLD did you get here

We haven't traveled the world out there.
We felt such peace to stay home and hope.
That God would bring the children that he has for our family miraculously right to our door. 
And he literally has. 

I am humbled to get to be their mom.  To spend my days with them.  And I am eternally grateful that God saw fit to bless us immeasurably with Gabrielle and Levi.  This is on my heart every day, but especially today. 

Thank you, thank you, Lord. 

3 comments on "how did this happen?"
  1. They are so beautiful! I love seeing pictures of them together and happily playing. :) God IS so kind! I couldn't agree more. And I'm just as excited to see what sweet baby girl is going to bring to the mix AND what she'll look like. :)

  2. I do the same thing. Our little one was literally given to us, and we were not pursuing adoption at the time. Pinch myself often, I do!

  3. Amanda,
    I love the picture of Levi and Gabi together. Gabi looks like she's taking her baby doll somewhere and asked Levi to go with her to help out:-D Yes, two little miracles given to you by God. They are growing so fast, and are so adorable. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
    In Christ,


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