Thursday, March 15

Annabelle's new best friend

Yesterday, we had quite the moose fiasco.  This has been a record year for seeing moose in the neighborhood!  We see them often every winter, but this year even more so.  The amount of snow we've gotten this year has caused the moose to flee the mountains and stick closer to flatter ground where they can munch their precious trees all winter.  We see moose around our house every single day, and yesterday, a big mama and her tiny baby moose decided to hunker down right next to our dog, Annabelle's territory. 

Annabelle and the mama had a barking/starting contest for what seemed like hours.  We tried everything to try to get the mama and baby to take a hike... we were so worried mama would trample our sweet doggie who wouldn't stop barking at her.  But mama wouldn't budge no matter what we did and stayed right in between her baby and our dog.  And by the time we noticed mama was so close to Annabelle, it was too late for us to go out and bring our dog in for fear of our own lives!

Eventually, mama realized that Annabelle could only come so far on her chain, so she plunked down in the snow right out of Annabelle's reach just to taunt her I think.  (Her baby had walked across the street and had bedded down just a ways away, or I would have gotten a picture of her too.)  They stayed this way for another hour or two, mutual respect... no barking, no hairs standing on end and ears back...  Then the mama and baby finally meandered their way out of sight. 

 It's never dull here in wildlife central!

2 comments on "Annabelle's new best friend"
  1. My sister lives in AK and they see moose quite often too! They had one right near their bedroom window one morning! I would love to soo a moose!:)

  2. That is so neat! What an interesting thing to watch!


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