Sunday, March 11

day 7 - we made it

Day 7 is here!  I'm not surprised how quickly the week zoomed by, every week is that way around here, but what I am surprised about is how little desire I have to be on facebook now.  Yay, right?  Right. 

That was part of why I wanted a break - so I could see life without that time-wasting option in my life.  And that life is good!

But you do know, that Monday morning I'll be checking to see if I missed any messages, etc... while I was away, but I have zero desire to cruise around and see what else I missed. 

How has your week away been?  If your experience was different than mine, please feel free to share that.  We're all living out a different story, it probably won't look the same, and that's the beauty of it. 

Thank you for taking a time-out with me - it was really nice to know you were along for the ride. 

2 comments on "day 7 - we made it"
  1. YAHOO Amanda! Great job, I'm very impressed. Keep up the awesome work.
    In Christ,

  2. Awesome. It was a great week, thanks again!!


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