Saturday, March 10

nearing that third trimester!

I had an appointment today at the midwifery.  I love it there each time. 

Baby girl is healthy and growing!  She's growing at a nice steady rate, and my uterus is measuring 26.5 weeks.  I've been one week ahead from the start, which is so cool that it has stayed so consistent.  I'm feeling fantastic.  Baby girl is still head up, which isn't a concern yet... I got to feel her head bobbing around up there with my hands today, after one of my midwives showed me where she was... it's so amazing to actually feel her body parts and know what I'm feeling.  I learn so much at each visit.  

Her heart rate is very consistent and is always in the 140's.. today it was around 148. 

Most would say that is a low "boy" sort of heart rate... but we've had two ultasounds to prove the pink-ness of this one.  :) 

I've slowly been buying some newborn baby neccesities the last few months... that part is SO fun!
So far, I've snagged some flannel receiving blankets, a fuschia sleeper, some cute little pacifiers, those tiny little newborn disposable diapers, newborn cloth diapers, and a mega score off of Craigslist that was barely used:  a Fisher Price Rock 'n Play that I'd been eyeing at Target all winter for waaaaay cheaper.  I love looking at her little sleeper hanging up in our room each day.  Some days I hold it and pretend I'm holding her close to me. 

We are praying for a continued healthy environment and growth for her, as we wait these next few months for her to gain weight and develop as she needs to.  We love you, baby girl!!! 

I'm also so excited for two of my sister-in-laws who are due to deliver soon!  Abie is due the end of this month, and Heather is due the first week of next month!  Yay - a new niece and nephew to love on.  And double yay for cousins so close in age!  Our kids will have gained four new cousins from September to April:  2 boys and 2 girls.  Baby boom!


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  1. WOOT! WOOT! YOu look GREAT Amanda! WOW! Over half way through, amazing! Where does the time go? I remember your post making the announcement that this newest little one was in the oven. That is too cool that you got to feel her move at the appointment. I have gotten to feel most of my nephews move as well as my niece. Although I still think that feeling your OWN baby is probably cooler. That's great you have been able to start getting the things that you'll be needing, and to score a find second hand, even better. I praise the Lord that things with Baby Girl are going so well. I'm also still hoping that you are getting as much rest as you can. Thanks for posting.
    In Christ,

  2. Pretty, pretty girl... ;)


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