Wednesday, March 7

the independent and "sneaky" one

My multi-tasking little mama saying goodbye with Levi's coat half on.  I'm not sure where she was planning on going, but she looked ready.  

"Bye!  Bye!  Bye!"

And this, my friends, is what I found today when I went in to get Gabi up from her nap.

As you saw in my previous rascal toddler post, she tries to cover herself up to cover the evidence when she takes her clothes off.  To her credit, she has stayed fully clothed during naptime for the past week, but she chose today as the day to break the rules.  She took her dress and leggings off and was standing like this in her crib completely still with her dress partially on, and inside out  when I walked in to get her.  Thinking her cover-up job would be good enough that I just wouldn't notice her standing there disobeying.  

Before every nap I say, 
"Pants on.  Shirt on.  Yes, mama?"
"Yes, mama."  
"Good girl!"

She is such a goofball!!!  She knew she was in trouble, and she vowed in her own toddler way not to do it again.  

I've been laughing all evening about this picture.  Oh my. 

2 comments on "the independent and "sneaky" one"
  1. That is HILARIOUS! What a stinker! Now...the question is, HOW do you discipline her for this offense without her seeing you laugh?

  2. ROTFLOL! OK! So I know to you as the Mom, this is probably not the funniest thing to you, but I'm laughing as I write this. I'm afraid that I would have broken into rockous laughter when I walked into the room. Yes, she is a scallywag in the making, but she's so cute:-D Thanks for posting. Oh, and where was she going in the first picture? Too adorable! Get some rest.
    In Christ,


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