Friday, March 16


This pregnancy has been a smooth one in terms of how our baby is growing and her health thus far... and we are praising God for that.  But her mama's is a different story.  I don't want to sound like a complainer about it, I feel so blessed to be pregnant and carrying this precious cargo, but it has been quite eventful!  I've been "sicker" than I've been in this pregnancy than any of the others starting out with the worst chest cold my body has seen in years, the most violent stomach flu of my ever-lovin' life, a painful bladder infection, and now hydronephrosis of one of my kidneys. 

Hydro-what?  That's what I said.  I've been having some pretty severe pain off and on since the bladder infection passed in late January... and it was thought that I was passing kidney stones... the pain went away for a couple weeks, and then came back with a vengeance last weekend.  I waited it out a couple days until Tuesday, not wanting the be "the girl who cried wolf."  Then I called into the midwifery and they saw me right away that day, and sent me for an ultrasound thinking it was either kidney stones (either again, or for real this time) or preterm labor.  So I went in for a check of my kidneys and my cervix to make sure nothing was happening before it should in a couple months.  I was not in preterm labor (thankfully, even though I felt like I could have been and still do) but it was found that the ureter (tube) that runs from my right kidney to my bladder (is this too much info?) are being collapsed due to the weight of the uterus/baby and causing a back-up into my right kidney...  on ultrasound, mine looked like the Moderate example below... but I'm not sure what my ultrasound tech would have classified it as...

Anyways, it's been really painful, and there's nothing that can be done (unless it becomes severe), and it disappears after baby is born.  So I have to sleep, sit, etc... positioning myself onto my left side so the pressure can be relieved from my right kidney, and allow the fluid to flow freely in the right direction.  I never knew this was even possible!!?? And so painful?  I'd never experienced anything like this in a pregnancy, but I've read that the right kidney is the one almost always affected in pregnancy and it can be common, not normal, but common. 

The left side sleeping is proving to be challenging because, wouldn't ya know it?  I'm a right side and a back sleeper.  Both of those are no-no's right now...  Sleep has not come easily this week, but I think and hope it will improve the way I feel in the daytime.  Today was rough pain-wise, but we had some friends over (totalling 16 kids and their moms) and that was a fantastic distraction and a fun way to spend the day! 

Thank you, friends for your help and company!

 I can honestly thank God through this trial.  How can I not? 

He is so gracious to us daily, how can I not turn back and praise him? 

I'm learning through trials that he can be trusted, and that his ways are so much higher than mine. 

Would you join me and praying for continued health for baby girl through this and for a complete healing before baby is born?  Thank you very much. 

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  1. Dear Amanda,
    First of all, yes, I will be praying for you and Baby Girl. I am so thankful that things regarding her growth are going very well. However, I'm sorry that things are not so pleasant for you. Second of all, I bet it was a great distraction getting to spend the day with friends. Sounds like a great aversion to me.
    In Christ,

  2. Praying, absolutely. God always knows how you feel. Isn't it great He is right there with you in this? I hope you feel His presence and loving arms.

  3. Absolutely praying. Isn't it great that God always knows how we feel and stays with us through this. His joy is our strength.


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