Thursday, March 22

this week

I apologize for the blog silence, just in case you were wondering how I'm doing with my kidney issue... 

I'm doing much better, thank you!  I think the position change (only on my left side) as I sleep at night and try to get some left side laying on the couch rest throughout the day have really helped...  thank you, if you've been praying for me - I truly appreciate you.  I am amazed and so thankful that I feel better.  I have an appointment with a urologist next week, but I may just cancel (unless things get bad again) since they said there is nothing they will do about the hydronephrosis since I'm this far along... THIRD TRIMESTER!  Yahoo!!  

On Sunday, I was utterly dreading the week ahead (rare for me), trying to imagine myself taking care of these kiddos and homeschooling too in pain with Jeremy working overtime these next few weeks.  I didn't want to be ungrateful or be despairing... so I snapped out of that mindset, thanking God for whatever he brings my way in the week. 

Monday morning was met with the chicken pox. 

Yup, Gabi and Levi both. 

I couldn't believe it!  Levi had been vaccinated, Gabi had not.  Guess who got a monster case of them?  You guessed it!  Mr. Vaccinated.  None of the other kids have had them yet, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time that the red yucky bumps appear.  Gabi's were isolated to just her bottom and a bit on her lower tummy area... Levi's are everywhere - ears, lips, face, legs, bottom, neck, arms, you name it!  He's been one sad dude, but he is much, much better and slept all night last night without crying out in discomfort. 

Monday afternoon brought the shocking news that my wonderful, amazing, sweet, funny, caring dear Aunt Topper (Anna) passed away.

 My Dad comes from a family of 9 brothers and sisters, they are an amazing family. A very close-knit family.  I have the most fun Aunts and Uncles one could ask for.  Aunt Topper was very recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and died unexpectedly from complications to her liver from surgery she had a few weeks ago.  My Dad's eldest sister, my Aunt Myrna passed away as well just a few short weeks ago... so it's been a hard new year for our family.  Please pray for my Dad, his siblings, my Uncles, cousins and the grandkids of these amazing Aunts of mine.  My sister, Dad, and I traveled back to Indiana a few months ago in October to see family and Aunt Myrna, knowing she was not doing well.  It was a huge blessing to see her, hold her hand and pray for her as she lived her last few months surrounded by her family.  But also, now, hearing of Aunt Topper's death, which is just so shocking, feeling blessed to be able to spend time with her, be in her home, and have recent memories of her loveliness. 

 Dad, Aunt Topper, me, my sister Jen, and Uncle Bob (married to my Aunt Margie)

This was taken just back in October.

All of my Dad's siblings sometime around 1950.  
Myrna, Loretta, Topper (Anna), Margie, Tom
Bernie, Merilee, Larry, and my dad Lou

This week has been emotional to say the least,  but it's been good nonetheless. 

We are home bound until further notice, pending more cases of chicken pox popping up amongst the others...We've cancelled swim lessons that were supposed to start tonight for Drew who has been waiting all year, midwife appointments, and Bible Study... and that's okay.  Life is like that, and we're (I'm) thankful to be home and heal up my own body in the process. 

On a very high note, this week also brought a huge surprise from my sneaky and extremely thoughtful husband!

He bought me an amazing new camera (Canon Rebel with two lenses) - and it is expected to be delivered by the UPS guy today!  I've never had a nice camera, and I'm SOOO excited and humbled.  I never thought I'd have a really nice camera in all my life!  I love taking pictures, but have grown so frustrated with all of our cheap cameras that can't take a photo of a moving child to save their lives!  And trust me, all of my photos of Gabi and Levi involve at least one moving subject.  So here's to better pictures, and a fun hobby I can now really love. 

So that's our week in a nutshell... we're doing great, really.  We keep hoping and not despairing, trusting and not controlling.  It's not easy, but it's what the Lord is asking us to do. 

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  1. I am sorry your week started out so poorly. I admire your positive spirit. May the rest of the week be filled with snuggles, cuddles and happy little ones.

  2. Amanda,
    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet Aunt Topper (Anna). There is nothing worse than the sudden death of someone you love and know. You have once again inspired me to take on a positive outlook on seemingly sad/bad situations. Also I'm sorry to hear about the case of chicken pox with Levi and Gabi. I can't believe that Levi got the worse case of them with him being vaccinated! Hopefully nobody else will fall prey to the dreaded pox. I am rejoicing with you though that things with your kidneys are looking fine. I'm hoping that all will go well and that you can cancel your appointment concerning that. Congratulations on your new camera! I love the Canon brand for cameras and other electronics. I too have a Canon camera, the Rebel XS 100 something or other like that. Yes, Jeremy seems like one thoughtful man and husband. Praying for the continued health of you body, Levi and Gabi's health and your Dad's family as all of you walk through this hard time of loosing your Aunt Topper (Anna). Thanks for posting.
    In Christ,


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