Tuesday, March 6

day 2 - carrying out our intentions pt. 2

Okay, well I'm back and am finally getting a chance to "meet" with you again.  I honestly don't miss facebook a bit... though when I was up with some crazy rare insomnia from 2-5am this morning, one of my first thoughts was to pop on facebook and see what I'd missed yesterday.

But then my head snapped back to reality and I remembered I couldn't, and really didn't want to.  It had become a habit though for sure.  And it was good for me to realize how easily it came to mind.  Ugh.

Anyways, we had a great morning out at Bible Study, then came home for a quick lunch before I put the babies down for their naps, sent the bigger kids downstairs to play, and I had an important case update conference call appointment to be on for Levi's adoption right after I got everyone settled.  And my stellar husband even brought me home a Carmello candy bar tonight and it was king-sized.  (Swoon.) 

Does this guy know me or what?  It was a good day.  And now Jeremy and the kids (except Levi) are outside running around with Annabelle, our dog, for a romp in the snow.  Those snow caves are looking good! 

So back to our week.

How's it going?

I feel like God has been working on me in this area for the better part of a year now, and it hurts so good.  These are the areas I've been improving in or have completely made a 180 degree turnaround in, and this week couldn't come at a better time, so I could refine how things are done and seek God's face about how I'm spending the time he has given me:

Keep the house tidy.
Do the dishes.
Put the laundry away.
Clear the kitchen island off.  Everyday.
Play with the kids.
Homeschool like you mean it.
Speak in a gentle tone with the kids and Jeremy at all times.  
Be in God's Word everyday.  By yourself.  In the morning.  Not just with the family.
Be patient.
Love, love, love.  With no holding back.
Leave a legacy of hope and trusting God to our kids, instead of giving them some fodder to talk about with their future spouses.
Make an effort in planning dinners.  Nothing huge or fancy, but good and tasty.
Don't correct Jeremy's every mistake.
Don't be argumentative with him. Or proud.

Wow, that's a big list, now that I've written it all out. (And I'm sure there's more I need to work on.)  A lot has changed in me, and I'm so thankful to God for that.  To him be all the glory.

So how are these things being carried out?  Or how do I see them eventually being carried out?

Dump the time waster laptop, and tuck it away except for during certain times during the day.  I haven't mastered this, and that's why I'm here!  But I know this week will make me see how much time it has sucked out!

You've shared the things you want to be intentional about... (if you haven't, you can share here in the comments on this post!)  How are you seeing change coming about in how you spend your time?  How will you make these intentions a reality?

I'd love to hear from each of you. 

3 comments on "day 2 - carrying out our intentions pt. 2"
  1. Thank you so much for sharing and being so real! My list could mirror yours : ) I'm really trying to completely stay off of the computer all together for a while (only checking email and this blog). For me, all of the blog/facebooking has created a huge hole of discontentment. The Lord has shown me that my day will be moving along just fine until I look at what she is doing on this blog or what their field trips look like or how this lady is tending to her physical assets to bless her husband .... I don't know I feel like for the past few months all I have been doing is following instead of waiting on God to tell me what He wants from me and areas that He would like to see growth.
    I am not sure if that made any sense but I wanted to share what He has been revealing and girl, I'm convicted! Checking in on your blog (due to this challenge) and my email are all I'm allowing myself for a while.
    Thank you so much for facilitating this, it's been powerful already!! God bless you.


  2. I'm pretty much where you're at Amanda, in that my list could/should mirror yours, only to the n'th degree. (Minus the homeschooling) Mostly what I am being impressed with in my heart though, is the fact that I lack the desire to do any of those things, in the daily living out of them. Yes, that is my heart's desire, but the walking through it, dieing to myself, I'm awful at it. So, I think that I have to start with the most basic of basics. Is HE, really and TRULY, my JOY, my ALL in ALL? I don't want my time with Him, my place in life that He is calling me to, to feel like a "to-do" list. I used to have so much PASSION, and with recent events in my life, I have shut myself down, and I behave like a wounded animal. You may only come so near, and you can only see so much, I will only be a shadow of who He created me to be. I hate that. It's not living...

  3. What are your reasons for wanting to put facebook in a time-out?
    - After some ugly things happened towards me on facebook by some parents at work I started cutting back on the time I spent on here a few weeks ago but this has really even made staying away better and making me realize I don't "have" to have it.
    What are the things you're avoiding, neglecting, or leaving out because of your time on facebook?
    - prayer, housework, laundry, among many others, I'm sure.
    What things do you want to be more intentional about this week and beyond?
    - My list could also mirror yours, Amanda, except for the homeschooling and adding exercise. And boy has life changed since I'm working full-time too. Since this coming week is our spring break, I believe I may just have to extend this facebook time-out for another week. My home needs a lot of intentional work done to it.


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