Friday, March 16

whiffer renewal

Gavin received this Ty Pluffies Whiffer dog when he was just a wee baby over nine years ago from his Grandparents... and Whiffer has been loved, loved, loved all that time and has had many reconstructive surgeries including a tail transplant, several restuffings, and stitches.

The original Whiffer now has huge holes in him and crazy thin "fur"- so Jeremy and I decided to find a new Whiffer for Gavin on ebay, so we can put the old beloved "pet" up and the new one can be played with for the next 9 years?  (smile) 

Whiffer needed surgery now more than ever, and I took Whiffer one afternoon "into surgery", so Gavin thought...  and at dinnertime I brought him out all bandaged up like a mummy with toilet paper to give Gavin a big surprise.  He unwrapped his doggie and was so confused and surprised that Whiffer looked brand-new!  He was so happy, then a terrified look came over his face, wondering what had happened to his original trusty friend.

This is him just after the surprise!

I love this boy who loves this dog.  I hope Whiffer stays around for a loooong time still. 

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