Saturday, March 10

100 days!

Wow, I just clicked on the numbers on my sidebar on the little baby in my belly widget -  you can change the way you view it by clicking on the numbers:  how many weeks I am, how many days have past, and how many days are left...  And WOW only 100 days left!  I never click on that thing, not sure why I decided to, but how cool to click the day it says 100!  Yup, 3 more months!! 

Part of this morning has been spent making a playlist to burn to a CD to take when I'm in labor and am giving birth at the birth center.  It's so peaceful there with candles, a huge jacuzzi tub in the room, and a double headed shower - plus you get to bring your own music, which is the icing on the cake.  Music speaks to me and I loved having my own music last time.  I'll post my playlist once I have it totally finished!

So here's to the next 100-ish days until we meet this little sweetie who never lets me forget she's there with her constant movin' and shakin'. 

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