Friday, March 23

have you used these? opinions please!

So, yes... I realize we're still in the current school year, but we only have 8 weeks left of school in our household, and with a new baby coming within a month after school's out, I feel the need to get some of next year's planning done early!

Have you used any of the following things with your kids?  I'm contemplating using them for the first time next year and would love your thoughts:

Switched on Schoolhouse, Grade 6, History/Geography  (for both boys)

 Language Lessons Series by Sandi Queen (one for each of the 4 older kids)
check it out HERE

Portraits of American Girlhood: Seven Unit Studies based on the American Girl historical fiction series (to do with Morgan, 2nd grade)
"Delve deeper into the lives of the American Girls with this unit study curriculum. Looking at history, geography, cooking, grammar, spelling, values, literary analysis and more, this integrated language arts curriculum features a "word of the week" that figures prominently into the current book, projects that highlight different subjects and reproducible activities. This unit study covers all American Girls except for Kaya and Julie (Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit and Molly all included). 238 pages, softcover, plastic spiral-bound."

Apologia Science:  Zoology 1:  Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day  We purchased this recently for next year already: the Text, 2 Notebooking Journals (boys), and 1 Junior Notebooking Journal (Morgan)

**Apologia Science is currently 30% off at - I believe until the end of March... thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip!**

         Since we purchased it already, and plan on using it for sure, any tips?  This is our first Apologia year!

I'm also looking for some fun preschool resources... What are your preschool favorites?  We already own and plan to read Sonlight's PK books aloud...

Thank you for sharing your insight with me!

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  1. My best friend has loved Apologia Science-- I specifically remember her raving about that very title. We've not done it, nor the others... so that's all I have to add. ;)

    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Kali used 6th grade switched on school house. We scrapped the History and Geography because all the curriculum is the same and we needed to spice it up a bit. It is very thorough. They have quizzes often and then a test for each unit. We needed a little more "get into the books and research kind of style" , but now we aren't doing so well at getting much done. :). If you need structure it really provides that, but if you are looking for active learning, not so much.

  3. Apologia Zoology is great! We are using it this year and really love it. Lots of hands-on, fun activities. I highly recommend the note booking journal for each student, unless you like to make copies. I also found a supply kit for this very book at Rainbow Resources for about 70-80 dollars and it has most of the supplies pulled together for the activity. Some of the items were not of the highest quality, but they got the job done and I am notoriously bad about doing projects for school where I have to hunt down supplies.

    Sue Ryan

  4. Love Apologia...haven't used any of the other things you've mentioned. We love The Phonics Museum from Veritas Press for the early years.

  5. In the middle of SOS. Call me.

  6. My family has used SOS for probably 8-9 years and we love it!!


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