Wednesday, February 29

look whoooo's back!

This morning during school, we were treated to another visit from our great grey owl neighbor, whom we've named Greyson!  And we got a much better picture this time. 
5 comments on "look whoooo's back!"
  1. He is soo cool! What a fun treat for your kiddos to have right in their yard. Thanks for the great picture!

  2. amazing! he is so huge, too! i wonder if this is the same kind that our neighbor just saw last week. we've been searching for one in our trees in hopes it comes back for a visit!

  3. YAHOO!!! So glad he's back! I love the picture of him, you got a great shot, and of him looking strait at the camera! I bet the kiddos are happy that he came back as well. Thanks for posting.
    In Christ,

  4. That is a big owl! cool picture. I really like your blog, you have so many kids how do you do it? :P


    1. Hi Lisa,

      How do I do it? It's called naptime and bedtime for kids. ha ha :) (and the grace of God is the key factor) Glad you found me, knititng is one of my passions too - though I've not been knitting lately!


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