Sunday, February 19

the belly

Just playing a little catch-up with the belly shots...  baby girl is growing, as is evidenced by my increasing side profile.  And this pregnancy is flying by.  Hopefully I'll still feel that way come May and June! 

And now that I'm taking weekly pictures of myself, something I've never done - I'm realizing how much I love to wear stripes!

Also, I finished the maternity shirt that I set out to make a couple days ago - I'll post a photo of it soon.  It turned out great, and I'm excited that it will work during and after pregnancy as well. 

2 comments on "the belly"
  1. WOOT! WOOT! Baby Girl sure is growing. Great pics Amanda. I bet you and the rest of the clan are extremely excited for the new addition. Get as much rest as you can. Maybe you can talk the older kids into giving some extra help. Wish I lived closer so that I could give you some help myself.
    In Christ,

  2. Oh sister you are beautiful!!! I'm so behind on your blog and am catching up today! I miss you every day and have been so busy with life that not even a phone call was possible. We WILL catch up this week. I miss all this pre go and baby gabs and Levi time :( I love you.


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