Thursday, February 23

It's that time of year.

Each spring semester of homeschooling, I begin to collect homeschooling company catalogs.  I love them.  I pour over them, and it's free entertainment for me as well.  (dorky?  yes.)  But I've found some new ones this year that I'm really excited about. 

I usually only order from one or two favorites each summer, and usually they're they same ones I order from each year, but I love to see what's out there, and to get great ideas of books for my kids to read that are age appropriate from trusted companies.  So I've already started my yearly collection.

 Gala Apple with Antique Books by Christopher Stott

Here's what I am either expecting to receive it the mail, or have already received this year, and a link to their catalog request page:

(Some of these companies may not have their 2012/2013 catalog available at this time.)

Heart of Dakota Publishing
Winter Promise
Alpha Omega Publications (Switched on Schoolhouse, Horizons, etc..)
LEGO Education
Lakeshore Learning
Handwriting Without Tears
CBD Homeschool
Rainbow Resource  *Warning, it's ginormous, but FULL of goodies!*
Queen Homeschool (Sandi Queen)  (Charlotte Mason style, great products!)

Oh yeah, and I forgot Veritas Press and My Father's World when I first posted this!

Please share your favorites I haven't listed here, if you'd be so kind!

6 comments on "It's that time of year."
  1. Just wondering what you've used (if anything) from Queen Homeschool.

    1. Nothing yet, but I plan on using books from her Language Lessons series for all three bigger kids next year. Art study, copywork, narration, etc... all in one place - they look great!

  2. I'm looking at Biblioplan for Families, it's similar to Tapestry but not quite so overwhelming.

    1. Interesting, Ruth! I bookmarked it and will check it out....

  3. This is our first year using tapestry of grace...check it out..perfect for large families. We have loved it all year and will continue next year!

    1. I agree, Tapestry looks fantastic! A friend of mine introduced me to it last year, and I was even given all of Year 1 (not the books, but the guides) - but decided it wasn't for us at this time - - good stuff and good to know you love it!!


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