Wednesday, February 15

I feel like...

... sewing today! The kids (on their own accord, started their independent school work just after 7am this morning... crazy.  Whose kids are these?  They wanted to be done early today.  I was sitting on the couch in the quiet of the morning reading Jesus Calling and my Bible, when they started trickling up the stairs.  We usually start at 9:30am together at the table, after breakfast and chores, then they do their independent work after that.  But today we were completely done with all of our work at 11:30am!  A miracle.

So this afternoon is free for me while the babies are napping, and I was thinking it would be a challenge to fashion some new maternity shirts out of the material I already have in my fabric stash, which isn't much.  I only buy fabric with a project in mind... but I had a change of heart with these ones and never ended up needing to make what I intended it for.

So this is what I have to work with in my fabric stash today:

An old pair of my jeans that I had saved for who knows what.  I think I was going to make some doll jeans for the girls with them.   And I think it'll be added to one of the shirts I'm making somehow... 

Some apple green jersey knit (the color is much brighter in person) that I bought in an attempt to make my own moby wrap style baby carrier, but once I got the clearance fabric home, I realized it was too thin.  So I'll attempt to make a wrap maternity shirt out of this one.   And I'm looking for a sewing tutorial online to help with this one. 

And this fabric was purchased last summer to go under a piece of glass I was going to use to cover a desk I refinished from a garage sale.  But the desk looked great without the table topper, so I was left with this fun fabric.  I think I'll work on this one first... I have a pattern that just might work. 

I'll check back later in the week at some point to fill you in on my progress!

Check out this fun link I found in my searching today:  Maternity Sewing Tutorials Roundup 2011

Talk about inspiration!

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