Monday, February 27

are you with me?

Recently, I've known it's high time to put facebook in a time-out. (Or me in a time-out from facebook!)

I've already cut way back on my time spent there lately, but starting next Monday it's a ONE WEEK complete blackout.  Here's where you come in... I'm hoping to drag a few of you along with me.

I'll post more soon about what this will entail, but I'm planning a week's worth of activities, posts, goals, fun, etc... for us to take part in and be in community with.  It will be interactive - - you'll be commenting and sharing with all of us on some things (as you wish) as we go about our week. No pressure to join me whatsoever, but maybe, just maybe God has placed a similar desire in your hearts as well! 

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We'll just pretend this is us all next week... wouldn't that be so fun?

It is not my intent to replace the time wasted (in my case) for you or for me on the computer, but to be intentional about some things in our lives.  I'll be in prayer about how this is to look for us, so please check back.  But if you already know you're IN, then comment below - - I'm excited you're joining me! 

5 comments on "are you with me?"
  1. I think this is exactly what I've needed. A purging if you will, from certain things. I guess I'll need to bookmark your blog. I'm in. Does this include Pintrest? :)

    1. Great, glad you're joining us! Well, I go on Pinterest very seldomly, but if you want to add it to your time-out, feel free! :)

    2. I don't have facebook but,I do have pinterest and it does take up your time. I like the idea of taking a time-out! We all need to do it. Life now a days everything is at your fingertips! I am in too!:)

  2. I gave it up for I AM IN!

  3. Yes, please count me in! The is a big area for me and something that the Lord has been nudging me on ; ) I need, need, need to take all of the bored time in the mornings and in between homeschooling lessons and be productive. I remember that I used to read-lol, it's been too long. Thank you for this challenge, I look forward to hearing the details!!


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