Thursday, February 23

The Binder: take two

Last fall, after reading and loving the book Large Family Logistics, I made my Home Management binder with great hopes of a taking advantage of help through my days when Jeremy is working...  well, things changed with our schedule and I thought I could wade through the days easily without reminders of things I could be doing to make better use of the time.  Well, I got lazy and never updated the pages with our changes, so I never looked at the binder.

But lately I've been feeling like I needed something to keep me "on track" during the days, because many days I think, "What else could I be doing right now??"  when I have a break...  so this morning, I revised the binder pages to make them current, and plan to use them the next few months until school is out and the baby comes.

And as you browse through the pages, don't think for a second that we stay on time with everything or actually DO everything... this is a rough schedule that helps me remember things we could be doing and that I'd like to have accomplished that day.  The non-negotiables that always happen on-time are breakfast, school start-up time, lunch, babies nap time, and dinner!

If you'd like me to email you a set as a Word Document, email me at thescarletpaisley (at) - and I'll get a set off to you, so you can make them your own! 

Home Management Book Pages

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  1. Awesome work, Amanda! I love the binder idea. I don't have kids, let alone even married, or engaged, or have even met someone yet. I like the idea of a binder for myself as a single girl. I might try that sometime. Thanks for the helpful hint.
    In Christ,


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