Sunday, February 19

baby sewing project roundup

Well, I'm back to post some photos of my recent baby sewing projects!

The first is the shirt I made yesterday afternoon while the babies were napping, it's an easy pattern that I'm familiar with, since I made a puff sleeve version of this shirt last winter in a plaid flannel.  Here's my non-maternity shirt, turned maternity shirt!  The pattern gives loads of room for a growing belly, and I'm most happy that it'll be a comfy and roomy shirt to wear this summer after baby arrives as well.

The only part of this shirt that I was nervous about was the bias tape it called for to line the underarm edge.  The last shirt I made with this pattern had sleeves, so I was nervous to wreck the whole thing, but thankfully it was easy to use! 

 I totally love the pleats across the front and back.

I used this pattern that I scored for .99 cents last winter!

Then a month or two ago, I made a nursing cover using this tutorial.

I added the terry cloth pocket to the pattern, I'd seen a similar addition to friend's covers, and thought it may come in handy wiping a tiny mouth or holding small things. 

I bought this material by the yard on ebay - it's by Heather Bailey and is called Pop Daisy Green, just in case you were wondering. 
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  1. Great job, Amanda! You are quite the accomplished Mama! I hope I can be half as good as that if I ever get married and have kids. I love the shirt you made for yourself. It looks very cute. Great color choices, I love the bright colors.
    In Christ,


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