Thursday, February 23

rascal x 2 = trouble

Some days, I just never know what in the world I'm going to find (or smell) when I walk into Gabi and Levi's room in the morning or when nap time is over.

The end of yesterday's nap time was no exception.

Both of these silly toddlers think it's fun to take off their clothes, and sometimes their diapers when they wake up.  The amazing thing is that they are little Houdinis and can "break" out of nearly every type of outfit.

And we even use those huge safety pins to pin their pants to their shirts when they go down for their nap if they don't have a onesie on already (thankfully they haven't figured those out), and a huge safety pin through the zipper of their footie pajamas at night. (You know, the old-school pins with the plastic head that adults even have a hard time opening?)

Well, they are no match for Houdini #1 and Houdini #2.

Yesterday,  I walked in to get them up and I knew something was up because Gabi was laying as still as a stone and was covered up by both of her blankets.  And that is a sight I never see when they're up and have been playing at the end of their nap.   When I opened the shade and turned on the light, I saw what these two little rascals were up to:

I saw one pile of clothes on the floor next to Gabi's crib (her shirt and pants still pinned together) and Levi looked like a Greek god wanna-be turning his shirt into a toga.  Thank the good Lord neither of them took off their diapers.  His pants were hanging off the back of him still pinned to his shirt.  (And yes, I've tried pinning it to the front of his shirt and he gets out anyways.)

Houdini #1
Taught #2 all he knows.
This is her "I know I'm in trouble" look.
She was doing her best to cover up the evidence.
I wanted to laugh so badly, but I couldn't.

 Now, look at the difference in their personalities:

Houdini #2
Was so proud to show me what he'd accomplished,
that he waved at me and said "hi" in his cute little voice when he saw me.

This morning, he completely broke out of his pinned jammies too, which was a first for him.
He is the master of fine motor skills, and somehow he unpinned himself and tossed the pin aside and unzipped his jammies and broke free.  So tonight, he's got a onesie under his jammies with no pin on them, since he can undo them anyways now and we don't want him getting hurt.   We'll see what we find by morning!  Our last resort will be cutting the feet off their jammies and turning them around backwards - and I hope it doesn't come to that, because footie jammies are TOO cute.

What little stinkers, and two at a time! 
2 comments on "rascal x 2 = trouble"
  1. ROTFLOL Amanda! Thank you for sharing the post. You certainly brightened my day. The expressions on both Gabi and Levi's faces are completely priceless. I know you can't laugh as a Mom, but if you'd like, I can do the laughing for the two of us. When they both get married in another 20-30 years, then you are free to laugh all you want.
    In Christ,

  2. So funny! I can relate. We got so desperate with our 18-month-old that I bought the zip up sleepers, cut the feet part out of them and put them on her backward. She still hasn't figured out how to get them off because she can't reach the's hilarious looking too (some added entertainment for mama and papa).


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