Tuesday, February 14

I Love Thee

I love Valentine's Day.

Not because we do anything extra special, but I do love making little decorations, doing a small craft with the kids, and maybe making a special treat. I also love the goodies that our kid's grandparents send/deliver.  We never buy a thing.  Such fun!

 Jeremy and I usually exchange a card and maybe a small gift - no expectations, no guilt.  It's nice.  We do hope to get out by ourselves in the next week or two for a date, which hasn't happened for a while now... but it doesn't have to be attached to Valentine's Day.  Expectations set you up for disappointment, I say. 

Here's the teeny little project I made last weekend to spruce up my windows for Valentine's:

I bought a package of foam hearts, cut slits on both edges of the hearts, then slid some ribbon through and hung!  Easy peasy.  

And we made these little sparkly creatures from a kit I snagged at Target last week:

Aren't they cute?  They remind me of those little pom pom creatures with the sticky feet from the 80's!

I just learned today they are called Weeples!  Hilarious. 
Who remembers these?

Okay, and then I thought we'd make a treat today... but with the onslaught of candy and treats the past few days with Annika's birthday being just two days ago, I decided our little baked mini donut project would have to wait until the weekend.  My friend Mary loaned me her mini donut pans for the oven, can't wait to try them out - I bought a double chocolate muffin mix (Mary's idea) and will make the donuts without the fuss, then dip the tops of the cooled donuts in milk chocolate candy melts, then add the sprinkles on top!

Should be a fun Saturday morning treat without the added sugar overload we're all experiencing today.  I've eaten enough Dove milk chocolates today, that you'd think I'd never want to see another one in my lifetime.  But I'm sure that won't be the case.  They're so yummy!  

So have a sweet day, everyone!  I'm off to finish up dinner prep, and attempt to put spaghetti noodles and sauce on our plates in the shape of a heart.  Wish me luck. 

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  1. Happy Valentines Day to everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Amanda, I love the decorations you did. They look positively adorable! I for one, don't really remember the pom pom creatures, but they are very cute nonetheless. I unfortunately, grew up more in the 90's. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and post once again. Hopefully you and Jeremy can get out on a date day/and or night for just the two of you. Well, it is high time that I get my day started now.
    In Christ,


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