Friday, February 10

a few family tidbits

The quilt top for our new baby girl is done!  I finished it last weekend, and have now started hand quilting it.  Being a crafty girl and all, I didn't expect so many trials, it is not easy!  Many sighs of frustration were let out as I attempted to tie knots, pull them through, etc... then tie off the knot and embed the knot in the batting layer.  I've watched several YouTube videos explaining exactly what to do, but it takes practice!!!  I've now quilted 3 squares... and went to bed that night with aching fingers - yes, I used a thimble, but it's a the pull the needle out fingers that hurt!  I saw on a video that there's a fix for that too... it's fun to learn a new trade, but I'm not used to having to work so hard to make something!  Hand quilting tips welcome. 

I really love how it turned out.

 I hadn't taken a recent picture of Gabi in a while... here she is in all of her 21 month old glory, huge grin and all!   She has now mastered the use of the word "No!" and obediently bides her time sitting in a timeout either against a wall in the living room or in her crib, when used disobediently.  She'll learn! 

And then there's 17 month old Mr. Cutie Pants. (aka: Levi)
I'm not sure why he felt compelled to reveal his belly when I whipped out the camera, but he sure is cute.  His adoption is progressing, and we're working with our lawyer to get it finalized... we're on the homestretch!  Can't wait until we have a date.  SOON!  Please pray with us that the state does it's part swiftly, and there are no complications.  Thanks so much!

And lastly, our precious first grader, Morgan, is doing so well.  She's now loving to read, and has progressed so far since this time last year.  We're proud of you!  And yes, our kids wear shorts and tank tops year-round in our home.  Brrrr... and if you'll notice, she is the new, proud owner of pierced ears!  Jeremy and I have been talking about it recently, and she had been asking too.  So we decided she was ready,  but told her she needed to save the money needed to get it done!  (Thanks for the idea, Allison.)  She saved enough, and here she is, 7 just like I was. 
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  1. Dear Amanda,
    Wahoo!!! The quilt looks awesome! Great job, I think your baby girl will love it someday. Love the recent picture of Gabi. Goodness, she sure has grown. ROTFLOL about Levi's pic. He IS Mister Cutie Pants for sure. Morgan looks so grown up with her new pierced ears. I can't believe she's 7 already. Great idea about having her save her own money to have it done. I think it will be more meaningful to her later. I always found that the things I either had to wait for, or save my money for, meant twice as much to me as if I had just gotten it immediately, or had someone else buy/pay/or give it to me. Not that what other people do for me doesn't mean something to me, but you get the picture.
    Anyway, great pics and great post as always. Get as much rest as you can.
    In Christ,

  2. I love your family and your blog! We homeschool too! looking forward to meeting your baby!

  3. Your quilt top it beautiful! One of my favorite quilting accessories is a rubber circle used for grabbing and pulling the needle through those three layers. It is a finger saver!


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