Tuesday, February 14

Annika Scarlet turns FOUR!

We had a super fun and simple birthday bash for Miss Annika yesterday... she is now four years old... amazing!  We love our silly, exuberant, cuter than should be allowed, kind daughter.  We have been blessed to have these precious years with her and pray she will run after God with all of her heart in the years to come. 

Look at her all smooshed up and puffy those four years ago all 7 lbs.7 oz. of her.  This was just after we arrived home from the birth center about six hours after she arrived.  I'm so thankful to get to be the mama to another one of these pink bundles in 4 short months! 

This year's birthday, since we are now back to "friend" parties this year as opposed to "family" only parties every other year, she invited two of her sweet little friends to celebrate.  They were adorable, I wish I had gotten a picture of all three of them together. 

A sneak peak at the doll bunkbeds Jeremy and I made for her big day!  We had all the materials on hand already, so we paid a grand total of $7 for the fabric I made the mattresses, pillows, and blankets out of!  Score!  I'll post more about them later... 

Happy Birthday, we love to you  to bits!

2 comments on "Annika Scarlet turns FOUR!"
  1. I can't even believe it! It literally feels like yesterday when I heard the news that you were in labor at your shower. What a big girl! And a side note: just look at how big Morgan is standing next to her in that last picture...she's looking more like a pre-teen and less like a little girl. Love your beautiful girls, Amanda! Happy Birthday, Annika!

  2. WOW! Happy Birthday Annika! I can't believe you are 4 years old already. I remember reading the posts following your wonderful entry into this world. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday Annie. I'm glad you got to celebrate with your two best friends, what a perfect way to have a birthday surrounded by family and best friends. I pray you will run after God with all your heart someday.
    In Christ,
    P.S. Amanda, thanks for sharing the wonderful post. Looks like a good time was had by all. What fantastic memories.


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