Monday, October 21

{Day 21} The Reward is Coming - Matthew 5:12

Just seven minutes ago, I walked out of the third bedroom, where I tucked in the third little afternoon napper.

And I was spent. Grumpy. Kind of how I was feeling just four days ago.
One child spilled another child's entire bowl of chili just moments before at lunch, I had to give the baby a bath before laying her down because she was such a mess after lunch, and I've had a raging headache and backache all day.

I was mumbling like the mean ol' Grinch as I walked back to the kitchen to see what other messes needed mopping, when I ran smack into the memory verse the kids are working on this week.

Bah humbug and other sorts of grumpy words like those that fly out of Mr. Scrooge's mouth were at the ready when I saw this. What is it with me and miserable Christmas-y characters today?

I know the reward is coming. I know. I know! Is it too much to ask for some of it to be here right now?

Do you ever feel that way?

The work we do is hard. It's mind-numbing, repetitive, and there are all sorts of other things we'd like to be doing or need to be doing in addition to this most important work.

How do we rejoice in the present, while still dreaming of the future? I know we aren't to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34), but thinking about the good things to come, is in fact good.

But do the good things that are to come make you not want to be a part of God's will for you in the here and now?

This brings us to Luke 16:10, and the whole idea that if we are being half-hearted or ungrateful with the small stuff (now), we'll in turn be half-hearted and ungrateful with the big stuff (then).

Ooh. I don't want to be found unfaithful in either place.

If we're half-hearted and ungrateful for our circumstances now--we'll still be half-hearted and ungrateful when they change.

I want to be present in the now. I'm a dreamer, so this task of doing the mundane day in and day out is terribly difficult at times.

It seems like each and every day I have to recommit to trusting in His plan for today. Today is here, it can't be taken back, but today can bring forth rewards that are waiting of us in eternity.

Matthew 5:12

12 Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

The reward comes by being faithful today. In what He has given me to do. Even the mundane and headache inducing.

I desire to live a life that piles up the rewards in heaven, don't you?

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have enjoyed reading your daily posts this month. I have been meaning to comment on each post, but this one was especially meaningful to me. I too was thinking, "Bah Humbug" and other grumpy words too last night. No, I'm not married. No, I don't have 7 kids like you do. No, I don't have to deal with one kid spilling my other kid's chilli. I was helping to babysit 2 of my nephews and niece who are siblings this weekend. Then I got a last minute call from another sis in-law needing me to spend the night with her and my 2 year old nephew because she needed to get to work early this morning. I was being a grump. Your post reminded me that I do want a life which does pile up the heavenly rewards. Thank you for putting things in perspective for me.
    In Christ,


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