Monday, October 14

{Day 14} The Pure in Heart - Matthew 5:8

Before today, I hadn't visited the portion of scripture called The Beatitudes in Matthew 5 in some time. But this morning, the first 11 verses were slated as our Bible reading to begin the school day.

The day's reading set my mind in motion as it camped out on verse 8.

Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Are we the pure in heart?

We mean to be, don't we?
But what does this really mean?

After a bit of research (thank you, Blue Letter Bible), I came to understand that those who are grieved over their sinful condition and yearn to be different are the "pure in heart".

We don't have a pure heart because we are good. The Lord knows that's not the case.

We have a pure heart because we know we need help. Oh, so much help.

I start each day in prayer asking God to give me a heart that is filled with kindness, patience, and love for my kids. Because the days are long, jam-packed, and intense. And those are just the days we stay home, trying to be civilized members of society learning and growing together.

I pray because I know from daily experience that it doesn't go well if my mind isn't tethered to the Rock.

I pray because I know my tendency to go bonkers when things seem out of control.

I pray because I cannot do this alone. We weren't meant to do this alone.

Holy Father, please give us pure hearts. We see our sin and grieve over it. We need you today.
Thank you for fresh starts.
It is in the name of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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