Tuesday, September 4

a new year

Tomorrow morning, we start our first day of school!

I feel great about the things we'll be working on, but haven't been feeling so great about the actual implementation of those things.

  I've been so focused on how stressed I "might" become in our days once we add school to our already bustling days here at home, that I'd become quite stressed about it.  I've had to remind myself of several different things, namely:

1.  God has given Jeremy and I these beautiful children, He knows just what He's doing, even though I sometimes don't. 

2.  God gives me grace for today.  I don't need to try to borrow tomorrow's potential troubles... it wasn't meant to work that way.  So I will rest in God's grace for today, and lean on His peace that I desperately need. 

3.  God is making me able to complete the things He wants us to complete.  Not the things I think we should complete.  And I'm going to be okay with that. 

4.  I will be interrupted.  It's going to happen...  I have four little ones, and three school age kids - it's a definite.  I can either handle these "interruptions" with grace and patience and acknowledge them as God's way of forming my day, or I can handle them with frustration, controlling actions, or act out of control when things seem out of control around me.   I'll take a large helping of the first option, please. 

Wow, God is molding me as a mom and wife through my family.  I'm just one person who couldn't possibly be all to my husband and kids.  I just can't.  I'm so thankful for the personal way He is working in my life no matter how stressful the days can seem.  What would I do without such a Savior? 

And as an added side bonus:  Gabi and Levi are staying the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time by themselves - so that we can have a bit more sanity throughout our first morning as we get used to the new school routine... I'm very thankful. 

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  1. You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you.


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