Tuesday, September 4

the first day of school gang

Here they are, in all of their first day of school glory... (Well, except the baby and the toddlers.)  And we made it, by the way... had a great first day. 

My favorite quote from today was from Gavin:

"Mom, I think this work is too sophisticated for me." 

Love that guy. 

Annie, age 4

Morgan, age 7

Gavin, age 10

Drew, age 11

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4 comments on "the first day of school gang"
  1. We started yesterday too. Cinnamon and Pepper kept me on my toes but everything went pretty smoothly. We are so excited to start. :-)

    1. Yes, those little ones can be quite rascally at times! Today was good, we had "baby school" in their high chairs, and they actually played there for 45 min. and were so happy to play with some blocks, puzzles, magnetic toys, etc. that they rarely play with. :) Glad you had a good start!

  2. PRECIOUS ONES!!!! love these sweet start pics :) glad yall had a fun day. Peyty Boo loved his first day with the Ships and Sea books. Love you Sis

    1. Thank you! It hasn't been quite as traumatic starting out as I'd imagined... :) Glad Peyt is enjoying them!! Love you too


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