Wednesday, September 12

link lovin'

Ever so often, I'd love to share some of my greatest (free) finds on the internet! 

Today is your day! 

Here's what I've been finding lately or what I've been meaning to share with you for ages:

Print and Frame:
She Laughs Without Fear
Pray About It
I love ALL of her printables!

I may snag this one for Gabi and Levi's room!  Check it out HERE.

For Bloggers:
Printable Blog Planner
Tips to Keep Your Writing Fresh

For Homeschoolers:
Multi-Subject Homeschool Printables
Little House on the Prairie Lapbook
A Stellar Post!

Teaching the Bible to your Kids:
10 Easy Bible Memory Verses  (Currently using this!)
Kids of Integrity  (We're using these lessons!)
Advntures in the Holy Bible  (Collect the Life of Jesus - Your Story Hour 13 CD set, by sending in your kid's Bible Studies - FREE!)

Online Audio Stories for Kids!:
Your Story Hour
Adventures in Odyssey
Paws and Tales

For Moms of Little Ones:
Keeping Little Ones Busy
On the Go Book Tutorial

DIY projects:
7 Inspirational DIY projects
Burlap Fall Wreath
Fall Wreath Roundup

Have any favorite links you'd like to share??  Please do!
2 comments on "link lovin'"
  1. I love this website for healthy recipes.
    Happy reading,

  2. I used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey and Paws and Tales, I still love Adventures in Odyssey, and I'm 14!! my 20 year old sister still really likes them as well, Paws and Tales aren't quite as good but they are still good, have you heard of Down Gilead Lane? it is another christian radio program by tyndale house publishers.


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