Monday, September 10

Levi turns 2!

We are now the proud parents of two 2 year olds! Little Levi turned 2 last week.

Over the weekend, we held a monkey themed (again) birthday party in his honor. He is such a monkey, we just couldn't help it!

We decided on a quiet party at a local park, with just family, since he wouldn't remember it anyways - nor did he realize what all the fuss was about.  We played, we swung, we froze (brrr, it was cold that night!), we ate, and opened presents... a perfectly fun night for our adorable little guy. 

Levi has grown leaps and bounds in the last several months in several areas.  He is using new words each week and seems to understand most everything we are saying to him now.  He has extremely chatty older siblings, and that has helped urge him along in his speech.  He runs, jumps, and climbs with the best of them too.  We love our little monkey boy so much. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi!  God loves you more than you can imagine, and we do too. 


3 comments on "Levi turns 2! "
  1. Happy Birthday Levi. What a handsome little boy. I love you.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet face!

  3. oh LEVI BOO we MISS YOU!!!!!! Happy birthday sweet nephew baby boy <3 we love you and your precious smile.
    love, Auntie Jenny


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