Wednesday, September 5

tiny, but bigger!

Our little Emmalie (pronounced Emily) is nearing 12 weeks!

 She weighed just 10 lbs. 1 oz. last Friday, but she has gained steadily and is getting the cutest chubby cheeks!! Look at the difference in these two pictures, where she wore my favorite newborn sized cupcake outfit - this was the last time she wore it - getting tight!

11 weeks

2 weeks

The bigger kids had some fun with Emmalie the other night - and we took these fun pictures!


2 comments on "tiny, but bigger!"
  1. Hey--she's almost up to Alek's birth weight. HA!!! She's growing so wonderfully; what a beautiful girl. LOVE these pics.

  2. Haha oh my word. I love it. Your kids are the best ;)


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