Friday, September 7

our tiny dancer

Annika has been asking to take ballet since she was two.

I told her back then, that she could take a ballet class when she was four.  I truly didn't think she would stay interested in ballet those long two years. And I felt horrible giving her an age that seemed so far off to her little brain.

But she patiently waited.

And when she turned four last winter, she was ready. But then she had to wait some more... it had to be after the new baby was born.

Today was the day she was waiting for! This girl has the natural gift of performing, which we knew, but it was so fun to watch her dance and smile her way through class. She was adorable.



One last look at herself in the mirror before leaving class.  

"Mom?  Where's that stage thingey where you do the big performances?"
She's already dreaming of being on the stage.  Sigh. 

9 comments on "our tiny dancer"
  1. How adorable!!! Thanks for sharing love Mom

  2. So cute! I took ballet classes when I was a little girl and I LOVED it! It looks like she will love it too. :)

  3. Looks like a natural! Where is she taking classes? I'd love for Mollie to start ballet soon (she's been asking for a long time too!)

  4. She's a natural. So precious.

  5. Seriously ADORABLE. I cannot even stand it. LOOK at her!!!! *smile*

  6. She is completely in her element. Too too precious. What sweet pictures you captured that she (and you) will love for a lifetime. :)


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