Sunday, August 26

the most precious way to spend my time

We took this family photo the other day on our lawn after getting home from church.  We set the camera up on our front porch, set the timer, and prayed the kids would look at the camera even though no one was manning it.  They did, and we got some great shots! 
These people are so precious to me, and these children are growing at an alarming rate.

We don't get the time back spent or not spent with them in their growing up years. 

Something has been weighing heavily on my heart for the past several months:  they need me to be present with them.  Yes, I'm here in the physical sense.  But I am so easily distracted. 

The major distraction for me is my laptop.  It is so easy for me to just pop on the computer, without setting a boundary for myself, and end up wasting precious time I could be spending on lasting pursuits like reading to the little ones more or making lunch.   I've been saying a lot lately, "I just don't have time to do this/or that."  Well, what Mom does?  Well, probably those that aren't on facebook a several times a day. 

I've been robbing myself and my family of me. 

I've decided to give facebook the boot. 

I have absolutely loved the connections and reconnections I've been able to make on there.  Mostly with my cousins and family that live far away, and friends we don't live close to.  I'm really, truly sad about that.  But I'm still here, and will still be blogging.  I can take phone calls (love those) and check my email every day.  And whatever happened to letters?  I adore those. 

I've been dreading the start of our homeschool year (in about 10 days) and I realized that what I was basing my feelings on, was the fear of not being able to have time to spend with my kids and schooling.   And why wasn't I going to have enough time?  Well, I was going off of how my days were going lately... and honestly they've been rather trying.  I'm nursing, wrangling two toddlers, and trying to meet everyone else's needs too.  But what I wasn't factoring in, was the time I was spending on the computer.  I was wasting so much time on here.  I knew that something had to give if I was going to do this thing right and honor God with how I was spending my days. 

So facebook got the ax. 

I know I won't regret it, but I will miss some things. 

Ephesians 5:15-17
15 Be very careful, then, how you live —not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

Foolish and unwise could definitely sum up the way I was choosing to spend my time. 

Also,  I've grown tired of how the lack of true communication has crept into our culture.  And social media like facebook, doesn't help matters.  I cringe when I hear the words, "Oh yeah, I saw that on facebook..." come out of my mouth.  It has ushered in the end of true communication, where you can tell someone something they don't already know, and appreciate the back and forth of good old fashioned communication.  And yes, we can monitor what we post on social media, but for me, it's easier just to leave it. 

I'd much rather hear, in the voice of a friend in person or on the phone or in a personal email, about some good news or hard times someone is facing.  And truly, I'd just like to know a whole lot less about people than I do now.  I don't need to know that someone has just made a divine looking dish for dinner.  Then feel guilty that all I had time to make was pancakes.  Again.  And I don't need to know that someone's dog just got their toenails clipped.  I made that one up, but I'm sure someone, somewhere has typed that as their facebook status at some point.

I feel so free and excited. 

And it's so strange, because it's a decision I could have made a long time ago before I felt so wrapped up in it. 

I love visiting in person.  Having someone on my couch.  Chatting.  I love being in Bible Study with women in person.  I love hosting get togethers in person.  I love going to Bunko.  I love being present at a church service, hearing hundreds of voices lifted up together.   I love sitting on my couch before the kids are up, reading Jesus Calling and my Bible.  You can have one-on-one time with God too, ya know.   Sharing conversation with Jeremy after the kids are in bed, playing a game, or watching a movie together.  I love being with my family.  Undistracted. 

My children are watching.  What am I showing them is important? 

So I'm getting back to where I've wanted to be all along, and to where God has been nudging me.  Wow, he's patient. 

And I'm happy to be able to savor more moments like these:


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  1. Good for you!! I'm with ya. My days there are numbered.

  2. What a beautiful post on where our time should be spent...our family and children. And you're right, they're watching what we are doing. I have a love/hate relationship with fb too. I've deactivated and reactivated my account several times recently but it's so easy to get sucked back into it. Maybe more wise women will follow your lead, myself included. Only this time to permanently delete instead of just deactivating. Have a blessed Sunday, Amanda!

  3. Amanda very well put, I love it. You are such a wonderful mother and I look up to you and your family in so many ways. I love you guys all so much and can't wait get back into town and visit with you all, at your home ;).

    Love lots,

  4. Amanda, I am so proud of you and Jen for this,wise choice. Love Mom

  5. Amanda,I am so happy to hear someone else say all this! I have been feeling the same way! I was just listening to a song the other day and it was saying how they will not be this way for long and it got me to think about how true that is. I am missing out on there lives! What am I doing!? Thank you so much for encouraging me. We are starting school tomorrow. I am going to close the laptop and leave it that way for a while!:)
    I want to know why letter writing got to be a thing of the past too. I mean who does not like going to the maile box and finding a letter for yourself! I know that I surly do.:) And it IS oh so nice to just chat on the phone or in person. :) You are doing the right thing! Keep it up!:)

  6. Me too Amanda! This has been a long time coming for me as well. I've been wrestling with wanting to give it up before homeschooling starts, too! We can be out of the FB loop (yippee) together!

  7. AMEN!!!! Love this! I never jumped on the facebook wagon and do not regret it! I wholeheartedly AGREE with this post! Miss bible study with ya!


  8. AMEN!!! I wholeheartedly agree! I never jumped on the facebook wagon and don't regret it! I miss bible study with ya!
    P.S. You are one inspirational mama!


  9. Yeah is all that I have to say.

  10. I've been contemplating shutting down my facebook as well. And then, this week, for no apparent reason, my anti-virus software is blocking facebook. Curious timing.

  11. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

  12. Awesome!! Great reminders! Love you and so glad I don't need facebook to spend time with you!


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