Tuesday, August 28

State Fair!

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures this year at the State Fair, since we only had about four hours to spend there, but we did take these! 

I have to comment on this one, because it's classic Gabi!  Jeremy was seeing what she'd do if he put her up next to the goats...  yup, terrified! 

These days, we don't get to go into many booths, but we do get to see a general overview...  anymore, Jeremy and I would have to go on a date to the fair to truly see it all.  But it's a blast to go with the kids and see the fair through their eyes. 
1 comment on "State Fair!"
  1. Looks like you guys had a great time at the fair! Do you haul your big camera with you to get these great photos? Autumn is really wanting to ride that ride that Gavin and Morgan are on here that goes up and sideways. I think we're going to go on Saturday.


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