Monday, August 13

My, how you've grown!

Our sweet little man, Levi, came home to live with us last summer on June 25th.  Happy Gotcha Day, buddy!  Gabrielle's two year coming home anniversary was the day before on June 24th.  We love our two little adoption miracles.  It's amazing, really... as you get farther away from it happening, you sometimes forget.  I was reminded the other day of the miraculous happenings that brought both of them into our lives.  And we're so grateful.  God has done so much in all of our lives. 

Here's a look back at Levi's arrival into our home.  He was a 9 month old sweetie, who was pretty stoic and quiet.  It took him a few weeks to fully acclimate and fully attach to us.  He liked it here right away, but we could see him completely unwrap and give himself to us at around 3 weeks after his arrival.  We fostered him until his adoption finalized on April 18, 2012! 

 Look how tiny he was!  This was his first time in our home.  His previous foster family (who are amazing, by the way...) flew down to deliver him to us and left him in our care for the day to transition him into our family.  The above picture is of he and Gabi getting to know each other by playing a game of peek-a-boo!  He looks so different now to me.

This one was taken after he'd been home for about two months, and it was right before I became pregnant with Emmalie. 

Look at him now, nearly two years old loving on his new baby sister! 

Levi's trademark, other than being completely adorable, are his rascally ways.  He gets into so many scrapes, and acts completely clueless and adorable when caught.  This past weekend, we found him sitting atop this dirt pile completely covered in dirt.  We realized we hadn't seen him for a few minutes outside, and since he's so quiet, he's not always detected...  this little rascal had probably an inch of dirt on top of his head.  He's our very own Pigpen!  

Levi, it has been our joy watching you grow! 
We love you, son. 

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  1. So good to see you the other day. Congratulations on such a fabulous family. They're beautiful and you are mama extraordinaire!


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